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Gt6 Ps3 Patch 1.01 Download HOT!


Gt6 ps3 patch 1.01 download

How do I get patch 1.01 for Gran Turismo 6? You must follow the below instructions to get the patch. After you download the patch, you can just simply launch the game again and tell the game that you want to play the game on the version that you have now. . Leave it a few hours and let it download. It will take a little while. Once it is done, it will say Patch 1.01. There is an option to make it download faster, but we will not recommend it. It is fine. . Update 1.01 Review First Thoughts Gran Turismo 6 has been out for a little while now and we are now finally getting a full review on Update 1.01. We already have a review for the main game, but it is still too early to give our full review. . , it is really big and takes quite a bit of time for the download. So be patient. The only downside of this update is that it also adds the police cars to the game. If you don't want that, you will have to back up your save and start again with the download. . I have not had any problems so far so I have no idea if that has anything to do with the problem or not. Try downloading the patch and let me know how it works. Cheers! :) Gran turismo 6 patch 1.01 download It has been over 1 year since the patch 1.00 and I am still unable to patch GT6 on my PS3! I have tried searching the net for a tutorial or maybe a patch for the patch. I have tried all different ways I know, but it still won't patch. I have tried reinstalling, downloading the patch 1.01 patch. . 3 hours ago. @GameTester_ The update is the 1.01-1.07 (In the patch). PSN: GameTester_ . 10/15/2013, 01:01 AM. @GameTester_ It's interesting that you had an issue with patch 1.01. That issue happens to

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